Collision Course

A CHIP-8 racing game for Octojam 9

Drive across the road, but watch out for the oncoming cars! 

Press W to advance, use A and D to turn left and right.

Drive to the edge of the screen to earn a point. Hitting the other car or a wall will end the game. Press S to restart the game after crashing.

This game has an HP48 SCHIP "Header".

By Oxiti8


Collision Course (2022)(oxiti8).ch8 247 bytes
Collision Course (2022)(oxiti8).8o 2 kB


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Nice game - I tried to use the arrow keys for controls, but found I needed to rotate the keyboard.  Perhaps consider the mapping:

  • D (right arrow): advance
  • W (up arrow):  left
  • S (down arrow): right

Specifically, the code changes are:

v0 := OCTO_KEY_D
if v0 key then px += 1

if px == 64
then :call moveplayer

v0 := OCTO_KEY_W
if v0 key then py -= 1

 v0 := OCTO_KEY_S
if v0 key then py += 1


I considered that, but decided I  wanted to have the controls  be from the viewpoint of the car as WSD feels kind of weird.