This is a demo ROM created for C8SALT, a CHIP-8 emulator for TI-83+/TI-84+.

The ROM.8xl file included is a converted version of the rom that runs in C8SALT.

I figured that since the demo ROM for WAVE-8 (another CHIP-8 emulator I've worked on) was entered in Octojam 8, I'd enter this one in Octojam 9.


C8SALT Logo.8o 454 bytes
C8SALT Logo.ch8 77 bytes
README.txt 307 bytes
ROM.8Xl 247 bytes

Install instructions

Run the .ch8 file in a chip-8 emulator.
The .8o file is for use with the Octo IDE.
The .8xl file is for use with C8SALT.

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